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Troy City Schools Negotiated Agreement

Troy City Schools Negotiated Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Troy City School District recently reached a negotiated agreement with its teachers` union, providing both parties with a path forward for the upcoming school year. But what exactly does this agreement entail, and how will it impact students, teachers, and the district as a whole?

Here`s what you need to know.

Overview of the Agreement

The negotiated agreement covers a variety of topics, including salaries, benefits, and working conditions. Some of the key highlights of the agreement include:

– A 2% salary increase for all teachers, retroactive to July 1, 2021.

– An additional 1% salary increase for teachers who are rated « highly effective » on their evaluations.

– An increase in the district`s contribution to teachers` health insurance premiums, from 85% to 87%.

– A change in the district`s sick leave policy, allowing teachers to accumulate up to 200 sick days and receive a payout for any unused days upon retirement.

– A provision for a joint committee to review and revise the district`s teacher evaluation system.

Impact on Students and Teachers

The negotiated agreement is expected to have a positive impact on both students and teachers in the Troy City School District. By providing salary increases and improved benefits, the district is better able to attract and retain high-quality educators, which can lead to improved student outcomes.

Additionally, the changes to the sick leave policy may help reduce teacher absenteeism, ensuring that students receive consistent instruction throughout the school year.

Impact on the District

While the negotiated agreement will undoubtedly have a financial impact on the district, it is important to note that these costs are built into the district`s budget. By reaching an agreement with its teachers` union, the district is able to move forward with a clear plan for the upcoming school year, which can help prevent disruptions and uncertainty.

Furthermore, by offering competitive salaries and benefits, the district is better positioned to compete with neighboring districts and attract and retain talented teachers.


The negotiated agreement between the Troy City School District and its teachers` union is an important step forward for the district. By providing salary increases, improved benefits, and a clear path forward for the upcoming school year, the district is better able to attract and retain high-quality educators and provide its students with the best possible education.

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